Years with vCommission

Sandra Bysack

Head, Human Resources

Which fictional character do you feel you're most like? Harvey Specter from the "Suits" series.
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Recall your childhood, and tell us what you wanted to be at this age? Since my Childhood I always wanted to be College lecturer teaching young students like that of Sushmita Sen from "Main Hoon Naa". I used to admire her & her looks a lot!
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Which celebrity would you pick to exchange lives with? Priyanka Chopra for I see her doing amazing work for the community & for the vibes she has to lead.
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Tell us about your favorite stress busting activity? Urban clap spa sessions during weekends.
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Life at vCommission

Describe yourself in a few lines?

Hi. I am Sandra - A strategic People leader with 10Yrs of HR experience in digita media & advertising industry enabling exponential business growth by nurturing people powerfully with a purpose. And I am also a mother of a six year old daughter, graduated from Delhi University. And I just love my life.

What has been your biggest “lesson learned“ in these 10 years?

After ten years of employment, the most important lesson I have learned is to work with integrity, you must always be truthful and respectful in all that you do, all that you portray, and all that you are required to do in your role. You must uphold your commitment to the company, the people you work with, and the culture you are trying to foster.

At Work

Top Advise you would give to New Entrants as a tip to stay long in vCommission?

The biggest lesson would be "learn to unlearn". Every organization is different & has a way to function. And I believe we are different in our own unique way. So the first quality for a new entrant must be the willingness to unlearn to move ahead & be open to learn new things. This would be the top advice that I would give all the newcomers to stay strong and to stay long in the organization.

What is the best perk you have ever enjoyed at a job?

The best thing about staying in vcommission for long is that you get many tenure benefits. When you are old in the organization, you also want to have good work life balance where you are spending time with your family, too. With additional "Tenure Leaves" in my hand, I am stay close to my family, celerbate our special days together. Not only this, you earn monetary rewards too basis your milestone years ;) What can be better than this?.

Are there any habits or routines you take part in, to refocus or to keep yourself motivated?

Yes. I've recently begun to practise devotion. I'm participating in a 15-20 minute guided devotion exercise. Along with that, I've started practising mindfulness, and so far, it has been a relaxing experience. As a result, I am more driven and make more progress during the day. It also enables me to be truly aligned with my energies.

Getting Personal

Share three words that your close friends would use to describe you?

I think first of all, they would mention me as "MOTU". The second would be, Oh, I'm quite emotional and empathetic and I'm a very "patient listener", so I am sure they would say the same. And the third being that "food makes me happy".

Top books/YouTube channels
that you recommend?

Authors: Gino Wickman
Building a Second Brain
Authors: Tiago Forte
Seven Habits of highly effective people
Authors: Stephen Covey

Words of Wisdom

Work Until You No Longer Have To Introduce Yourself!!!

Getting Social