Years with vCommission

Sumit Shukla

Associate Manager, Network Operations

Share three words that your close friend would use to describe you. Can't remember exactly three words but yes people call me a Positive and motivating person.
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What are some of your favorite activities outside of work? After a hectic day of work I just love to sleep and playing with my kid is something I love.
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Your favorite holiday destination? As far as I remember I am outside of my home, be it work or anything else. Whenever I think of a holiday, it is my home.
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What inspires you the most in the office? Parul’s smile. Imagine being swamped with work and suddenly your CEO passes by you giving you a huge smile. That boosts your energy levels to the roof and you get back to work with a lot more enthusiasm
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Life at vCommission

Describe yourself in a few lines?

Hey All, I am Sumit Shukla. I work in the Network Operations team for the last 5 years. All these years went by in a blink, all thanks to my team and manager. They have been amazing. I am a workaholic person. I love Excel, maybe even more than my wife. I keep a positive approach. I think positively, I do positively, and try to do something new every time. That’s it.

Who inspires you the most?

My Father. I got this positive nature from him. He is a chill kinda guy, who has no fear of the future and living his present to the fullest. Whatever he does, he does with full dedication, that is too, something I got from him. He always says to put your heart into whatever you do and don’t think anything bad for anyone. No matter how the other person is behaving. You don’t need to come down to their level.

At Work

What keeps you motivated to be with us for 5 years?

The work culture motivates the most. The freedom and open hand I get to do my work and explore new ways to do it, keeps me going. I have seen myself growing financially, professionally, and personally. The team and my manager have played a key part in keeping me motivated.

If you were given a chance to work from anywhere, what location would you choose?

Whatever location you choose, you get bored in some time. Be it work from the office or be it work from home. I would love to have the freedom to choose to work from anywhere I like. If I don’t want to come to the office because of a reason as simple as I don’t feel like traveling, I should be allowed to work from home. There has never been a lack in my work and never will be despite any location.

Would you like to share with us your most embarrassing blunder?

I messed up an Aliexpress report and shared it with Parul. There were huge mistakes in the report and I was scared for my life and my job that day, thinking what would be Paul’s reaction. Niharika (an ex-vComm) was there and asked if I would like her to talk to Parul but I said no, this is my mistake and I should accept it. From that day, it is the record that I always keep in my plan to prepare 100% accurate data.

Getting Personal

Tell me about the craziest thing you’ve ever done.

A random trip to Haridwar without a ticket was something we all still remember. Going to Haridwar was all hunky dory but returning was a nightmare. While returning too, we had no ticket. TC got on the train and we had to buy a general coach ticket but we entered into sleeper coach. When TC caught us, we requested him to let us travel so he shifted us to a luggage coach where all kinds of drug addicts were sitting and using. We said to each other we absolutely cannot sleep and we all were afraid as hell. We thanked God when we reached our station safely.

Top books/Podcasts that you recommend?

You can win
Attitude is everything
You can win
Authors: Shiv Khera
Attitude is everything
Authors: Jeff Keller

Words of Wisdom

"Work as long as you don’t need to introduce yourself."

Getting Social