Years with vCommission


Bhavna Sharma

Associate Manager, Advertiser Growth

Which is your favorite holiday destination? My favorite holiday destination is anything and everything which has mountains. As for now, it is Himachal Pradesh.
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What would you like to be known or remembered for? I would like to know a person who never gives up no matter how hard the situation someone who just go with the flow and finish whatever has been taken up.
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If you get a chance to work from anywhere what place would you choose? I think any place that has lots of plants and color around. I love greenery, plants, and flowers it could be anything.
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What’s the favorite quote that has inspired you the most? My favorite quote is “ Breath, believe, and receive”.
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Life at vCommission

Describe yourself in a few lines?

My name is Bhavna. I am working with vCommission as an Associate Manager. I have been working here for the past four and a half years and above. I am handling Lead Branding and mobile as a vertical here. I love to travel and I am a big-time foodie, I am a go-getter type of person.

Do you recall your first day at work?

I remember I joined vCommission on 16th May 2018. Back then, I was a small kid who just got graduated from college. This is my second job here, I still remember on my first day while introducing myself on the floor I saw a lot of young faces, confident ones, majorly the entire crowd was on the younger side. The girls and the boys were so young, I think that was the best lot we had till now and the kind of confidence, vibe, and atmosphere we had was unbeatable.

At Work

Three best things that you like about Parul

  • She is a powerhouse of knowledge

  • She is a confident speaker

  • She is a great motivational you can talk about anything and everything with her she will be with you no matter what.

What advice would you give to new members to stay longer in vCommission?

I think everyone who is joining vCommission should be themselves, they should be confident and they should follow the processes. I remember when I joined there were a lot of processes here and I also got confused about how to manage all this. But gradually and eventually I realized that these processes are going to help me for a longer period.

What are the best perks you have ever enjoyed at vCommission?

I think the kind of culture and the kind of atmosphere we have here is the best part about working here in vCommission we do get flexible work hours from which we can certainly maintain work-life balance and of course incentive which is a motivational factor for us.

Getting Personal

Are there any habits or things you take part in to refocus and to keep yourself motivated?

Yes, whenever I feel overboard with things may be with work or I make sure I take some time for myself. I use to cook. I love to eat as I mentioned before also that I am a foodie. I love to cook something special for myself or maybe I will go out and treat myself to some good food this is like the kind of therapy for me that gives me break from the schedule.

Top Books/Podcasts that you recommend?

"Life's Amazing Secrets"- Gaur Gopal Das
"Redefining Ambition" these are the podcasts and books I would recommend.

Words of Wisdom

"Breath, Believe, and Receive"

Getting Social