Years with vCommission

Shreya Grover

Associate Manager, iGaming

What were you into before joining vCommission? I had my startup named 'Swynk-Smile while you nourish like a King' and it was a restaurant.
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What was the best dish that was served at your startup? 'White Sauce Pasta'- Everybody’s favorite.
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Tell us about your favorite hobby? It is Cooking but no one knows, so forget it.
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Who is your closest friend at vCommission? My closest friend at vCommission is Sumanth "AKA" Reddy.
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Life at vCommission


Describe yourself in a few lines?

My name is Shreya Grover and I have been working with vCommission for three and a half years. Presently, I am working as an Associate Manager for iGaming vertical.

What is the biggest lesson that you have learned in your 3.5 years with vCommission?

I have learned that nothing is constant, and you need to be dynamic when you are working. So, be ready for the change.

At Work

Would you like to share with us your most embarrassing situation

Okay. It is something that I am very embarrassed about. It was the day of my interview I came, and I guess vCommission was shifted very recently to AIHP Signature. I had my interview and I got selected. I was outside talking on the phone, and I saw Sandra and Lipika taking a cab and going out. They also asked for two cheques, and I thought that I was being scammed. Everyone has watched the movie Phir Hera Pheri. It was the most embarrassing situation, I went home and googled everything about vCommission, cheques, Avinash who took my interview, Sandra, and everybody. I thought I was being scammed, which is not for sure.

What is the one superpower that you wish to have at the workplace?

That one superpower would be to read the other person’s mind. Let’s say you’re taking a briefing, and the other person listening to it is thinking about his lunch menu, to order the Chicken biryani or not so it could help find how interested people are in what you are saying.

What is the best area in the office that you like?

Pantry. You get to hear very weird conversations and even when you are having lunch or breakfast with no one, yet you are entertained.

Getting Personal

Recall your childhood and tell us what you wanted to be at this age?

See, I have always seen my parents going to the office daily. In my family, everybody used to get ready and go to their offices. I always thought to be where I am today, working at a good level.

Top books/Podcasts that you recommend?

Authors: Hector Garcia, Francesc Miralles
Harry Potter
Authors: J.K Rowling

Words of Wisdom

Life is exactly what happens, while you are busy making other plans. I had so many plans in my mind when I initiated my startup, but life is what happens, and I am here at vCommission.

Getting Social