Years with vCommission

Arshia Sharma

Manager, Affiliate Growth

Who inspires you the most? I can say many I can say none, I take inspiration from my yesterdays.
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What is your favorite holiday destination? Anywhere in the hills. My recent favorite is Ratnari.
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How do you handle the pressure? Go through it, sail through it.
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What is your favorite quote that inspires you? It’s also there in my LinkedIn profile - ‘Play by the rules but be ferocious’.
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Life at vCommission

Describe yourself in a few lines?

My name is Arshia Sharma. I have been working with vCommission for the past four years as Designation Manager, department Publishers, Mohali. Eating and Digesting everything served on my plate, literally and metaphorically.

Tell us something about your favorite work memories.

My all-time favorite work memory is when I am just sitting with my manager and complaining about everything and ten minutes later everything is fine, go back to work.

At Work

What keeps you motivated to work with vCommission?

This is my first job and the sense of satisfaction is there at the workplace, and the overall personality of the company is what makes me keep going for it.

If I have to ask you, who is the best team member you have?

I have only two members right now, and my favorite is basil, Karan pls I am sorry, but ya she is been there for the last year almost so I think she is been the best so far, I have worked with 11 members by the way, she is been the best.

Who is your best friend here at vCommission and why?

Puneet Singh Rohaj is my best friend at vCommission for almost every reason. He is my manager he is my mentor, I am who I am because of him I have grown because of him, and everything that is displayed to me today is a reflection of him.

Getting Personal

How do you see yourself in the coming years with vCommission?

I don’t know, I haven’t thought about it, I mean these things are usually discussed in review meetings.

Top books/Podcasts that you recommend?

"Think Like a Monk" by Jay Shetty
"Energize Your Mind" by Gaur Gopal Das

Words of Wisdom

"Play by the rules but be ferociouss"

Getting Social