Years with vCommission

Yash Chaudhary

Associate Manager - Affiliate Sales

Introduction Hey everyone, I am Yash Chaudhary. I work as an Associate Manager in Publishers. I have been a part of the team for almost 4 years now.
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If you could eliminate one thing from your daily routine, what would it be and why? I would like to change the habit of staying up late at night. It disrupts my sleep cycle and I feel I’ll be more energetic and efficient after that.
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If you had to choose between the ability to fly or being invisible, which one would you pick and why? I would love to be invisible and act like a ghost to scare people off. When they call some “baba” to do the remedy, I will ask that baba to share his commission with me and we will continue to earn more and more
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If you were given a chance to work from any location, what would you choose? I will be choosing the office only. I feel our office is quite lively. The work culture is really good. We get to meet people and discuss our achievements and downfalls, which is great.
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Life at vCommission

How do you feel overall about your company, your manager and your team?

My team is very supportive and collaborative. I share a very strong bond with the team. I feel my manager Unnati Sobti is a visionary. vCommission is my very first organization and I hope to stay here for many more years. I have been recognized by my manager and head of the department multiple times. My satisfaction with the organisation is quite good.

What’s the best or worst prank, you have played on someone?

I would like to tell you the latest one. I recently had my HR 1:1 and when I came out of that meeting, a colleague of mine asked me what HRs ask in the 1:1s. I told her that they ask Excel formulas, affiliate marketing terminologies and specifications of your laptop as well. She got very scared and started preparing for it. When her HR 1:1 happened, it was completely different and that shocked her.

At Work

Recall your childhood, and tell us what you wanted to be at this age.

I wanted to be an expert in computers and graphic designing. I was into gaming a lot in my childhood and that led me to wonder how all those graphics work.

What are your stress-busting activities out of the office?

I love going to the gym and it is my daily routine. It helps me get rid of any stress I might be having. Another activity I enjoy is gaming. It is my escape route.

Words of Wisdom

"Hard work is worthless for those who do not believe in themselves."

Getting Social