Years with vCommission

Brajesh Kumar

Associate Manager, Network Operations

Introduction Hey I am Brajesh. I have been working with vCommission for last 7 years as an Associate Manager in Network Operations team. My Journey has been amazing.
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Do you have a best friend in the office?? Who is it and why? My whole team is my best friend. I have spent 7 great years with my wonderful team and now they are like brothers to me. They are family.
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Share three words that your close friends would use to describe you? Baba, B.rajesh, Rajesh
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If you were given a chance to work from anywhere, what location would you choose? I will straight go to my home and spend more time with my family and parents.
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Life at vCommission

What advice would you like to give to new joiners?

I and many would say that vCommission is an amazing platform for a fresher. They can learn a lot about affiliate marketing and if they are serious enough, organisation will provide great opportunities to grow. So, stick to hardwork with some smart work and you will grow.

Do you recall your first day at work, please describe.

I joined as a complete fresher in 2016. There used to be a TV in front of me on which all the news or sometimes songs kept on playing. I spent few days by just watching that TV and finally my manager noticed and gave me a wakeup call then I got to work.

At Work

After spending 7 years with vCommission how do you feel overall?

I have learned a lot staying with the organisation for such a long time. First, I got to know what affiliate marketing is. I understood what a corporate culture is and how to work within the team.

How do you feel about your manager and your team?

My manager is Mr. Atul Chaudhary. He is a very supportive manager who is always ready to help and improve us. I have learned a lot under him. My team has been a great support system for me. We have a beautiful harmony between us.

What has been your most memorable experience with vCommission?

vCommission’s Annual Meet will be the one. It’s like a festival for us. We get to meet everyone and enjoy the celebration. I have witnessed 5-6 Annual Meets and it keeps getting better and better everytime.

Getting Personal

What are your favorite activities outside of work?

I practice yoga and I teach yoga too. On weekends I spend most of my time in the park doing Yoga and chit chatting with my friends. I wish to do Yoga my whole life. It keeps you fit and energetic. You can say Yoga is my life.

Top books/Podcasts that you recommend?

APJ Abdul Kalam, Biography
Authors: APJ Abdul Kalam
Bhagvad Gita
Authors: Vyasa, Maharishi

Words of Wisdom

"Karo Yog, Raho Nirog - Keep doing Yoga and you will stay fit and fine forever."

Getting Social