Telegram Bot by vCommission


Introducing vCommissionBot, the ultimate revenue-maximizing tool!

Who will benefit from the bot?

  • Website Owners
  • Bloggers
  • Influencers
  • What can this bot do for you?

    1. You can generate deep links by posting the URL in chat; the bot will automatically look for qualified offers while converting product links to deep links.

    The bot provides all deep links in the form of short URLs, making them easy to share.

    2. See the most recent deals that qualify for promotion on Telegram for you through product deep links.

    Type /offers to view eligible offers

    3. You can add and remove Telegram channels directly from the bot.

    Type /manage_ch to view the Channel List. You can Turn ON or OFF posting on individual channels or Remove channels from the Channel List.

    4. You can choose to enable or disable posting deep links to individual channels or all of the channels at once.

    Type /post_on_off – Bulk action for setting posting ON or OFF on all the channels present in Channel List.

    5. You can use this bot to test deep links and determine whether the tracking domain and final destination URL are correct.

    Type /test_dp followed by one or more deep links, each separated by a blank space to test them.

    What sets vCommissionBot apart from others?

    The bot allows users to:

    1. See a real-time list of Telegram offers that are qualified for promotion via deep links. You can generate links for specific offers by clicking on their names in the offer list.

    2. Test multiple deep links at once, including short links

    3. Automatically share deep links to channels. Add Telegram channels to your account and select which channels to post in.

    How does this bot help affiliates run campaigns?

    1. Users can quickly generate a deep link to the complete post rather than just one link, which improves the user experience and saves time.

    2. There is no manual dependency on the user to see live offers since offers shown by the bot are automatically refreshed in the backend.

    3. With the Bot, users can change offer links with deep links while keeping the original post intact.

    4. Users can simultaneously post deep links to multiple telegram channels that they have linked to the bot.

    5. Managing telegram channels for posting deep links is super easy with the bot

    How to access this bot?

    It takes only two steps to start using vCommissionBot:

    Step 1 – Use this link or Search for “@vCommissionBot” on Telegram.

    Step 2 – To log in, enter your email address and password (the same credentials used to visit network.vcommission.com), separated by a blank space.

    Start using the bot after successful authentication! To see which commands are available, use the menu button available in chat or type /help

    That’s all, It’s time to take control of your affiliate game with vCommissionBot!

    Start using our Bot today and feel free to get in touch with us at support@vcommission.com for any sort of queries.