Years with vCommission

Umang Bhargava

Head, Alliances

Introduction Hi, I am Umang Bhargava, Head Alliances at vCommisison. I am here for more than 10 years.
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Share three words that your close friends will use to describe you. People call me perfectionist, detailed eye and humble.
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If you could have an extra hour of free time everyday, how would you use it? I would love to learn a new skill and go to the gym.
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Recall your childhood, and tell us what you wanted to be at this age? I wanted to be an Air Force pilot and serve the country.
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Life at vCommission

How do you feel about vCommission and it’s culture overall?

We have a very open culture and a good space for learning. There is always something to learn for each member in the organisation. The beauty of our culture is anyone can get in touch with the topmost hierarchy to discuss ideas. Everyone gets the freedom to work, and to make mistakes.

What advice would you like to give to new joiners to stay longer in the organisation?

I see immense energy in the new joiners and freshers joining our organization. My advice or them would be that they have to believe in themselves, stay focused, trust the process, and give you 100%. Give it all, and success is bound to happen.

At Work

If given a chance, what role you would change in the organisation or swap your role with?

I love my job. I love the role where I play a part in the success of others. That feeling is priceless. But if I am to answer the question, I would love to swap my role with Tarang (Founder of vCommission), where I would love to do absolute strategies.

Tell us about your favorite work memory.

My favorite work memory - 11:11 Sale. I didn’t know at all that I will be staying back at office the entire day and late till night. That sale really pumped me.

Who inspires you the most and why?

My Brother, Tarang Bhargava. He is the one who actually knows me from inside out. He can even understand the meaning of my unspoken words.

Getting Personal

If you could eliminate one thing from your daily routine, what would it be and why?

I am always planning to go gym regularly, but I can't get up in the morning. I want to eliminate the laziness.

Words of Wisdom

"Dream Big but remember dream without goals are just dreams and ultimately they fuel disappointment." --

Getting Social