Years with vCommission


Atul Chaudhary

Head, Network Operations

Intro: Hey, I am Atul Chaudhary, Head of Network Operations in vCommission. I have been working here for more than Ten years.
If you won a million dollars, what would you do with it? I will open up my business.
Hoz food
What initially attracted you to work with vCommission? I joined in 2013, and at that time, nobody knew what affiliate marketing was. I was completely blank on my first day and I knew I won’t survive here. But learning every day, taking baby steps got me here today.
If you were the architech of vCommission’s new office, what 3 things you would want in the office infrastructure? A gaming zone, a Gym and a napping room

Life at vCommission


How is your journey going so far with vCommission?

I was hired in BD, then I was moved to Operations,then to CS, and then back to Operations. I have worked in almost every department in the company. So my journey has been here and there. In the end, I am satisfied where I am now.

How do you feel about your team and it’s members?

When I was given a team, I had no idea what to do with them. I tried a lot to backout but slowly and gradually me and my team learned together and now we are so close. We developed a mutual understanding. Our work is never hampered because of team coordination.

At Work

Can you tell us a funny incident happened between you and your manager?

It always happens when you are drunk. I have seen a lot of incidents but truly I don’t remember anything.

How do you maintain a healthy work-life balance?

From last Ten years, I reach office at 8:00 AM and leave by 5:00 PM. That’s how I am giving time to office and home both.

If you were asked to give suggestions to improve our work enviornment and work culture, what would you say?

Applying policies like work from home and hybrid will be a good solution to keep members motivated and fresh.


Getting Personal

Do you recall your first day at work?


Yeah, I just sat on my seat and watched my teammates working. I did nothing at all that day.

Top books/Podcasts that you recommend?

Traction Book

Words of Wisdom

Do it to close it

Getting Social