Years with vCommission

Aisharjaya Kar

Head, Advertiser Growth

What is your favourite holiday destination? It is my dream destination, I have not traveled yet. It is Switzerland.
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What are your favourite activities apart from work? The road trips, the culinary experiments, and yes just walking around under nature
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What’s your go-to comfort food? It will be ice cream, that too plain vanilla ice cream.
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Are there any habits or routines you take part in to refocus and keep yourself motivated? Ya, I do some meditation and do listen to some motivational podcasts and reels sometimes.
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Life at vCommission

What led you to work with vCommission?

It was a very dicey situation in life I was going on. My previous organization was on the verge of closing, I was also searching for a job and even vCommission was then looking for a person with relevant experience that is how through one of my common friends we got in touch and I am here now!

Two best things you have learned from Tarang?

The quality of getting into the subject matter. Whatever he does, he does not only look on to the surface of it, he gets into it and he learns about it very quickly, and to the core that is a very big quality. The second one is his business growth acumen, which is fabulous. So, I would love to learn these two things from him.

At Work

If you want to imbibe one quality of your manager what would it be?

My manager is Parul Bhargava. I admire how she handles every situation even crises with a calm smiling face which I want to imbibe.

Introduce yourself in a few lines.

My name is Aisharjaya Kar. I have been working with vCommission for the past one and a half years as a head of advertisers. I have a total experience of around 13 years in the digital industry and overall 17 years of experience. I am a multitasker and a hard-working person which has helped me to grow in my professional life.

Three words that how your close friends will describe you.

I think they will consider me a hard-working person, very emotional and always there for them.

Getting Personal

What’s your favorite color and how that makes you feel?

My favorite color is maroon. Why it is my favorite color because maroon stands for passion, it also signifies your emotions and it also relates to how strong you are and it also gives me confidence.

Top books/Podcasts that you recommend?

‘The secrets’ which is about positive thinking, there is a book called ‘The secrets of self-motivation.
‘How to keep yourself motivational’ these are the podcasts and books I would recommend.

Words of Wisdom

I would frankly say I have not gone into it who is the person who has written this but I have seen it and it inspired me. The quote is - ‘ There is a fire in her, if you love her she will build your home, and if you hate her or keep her aside she will ruin you’, this is one of the quotes which fits every woman.

Getting Social