vCommission is Changing-June 2023


If you haven’t yet clicked on the video icon above, please follow this link & watch till the end.

Below are list of points which are explained in the video.


New platform for commissions / earnings wef 1 April 2023: https://network.vcommission.com
Old platform for commissions / earnings till 30 March 2023: https://partners.vcommission.com
Both logins will continue to work, we are not depreciating the old platform yet.

2. CHANGES WEF 1 APRIL 2023: All commissions for work done after 1 April 2023 will be validated & paid from new platform only.

3. CONVERSIONS WILL BE TRACKED AS “PENDING” FIRST: Please see the video to see how the new flow of conversions & validation will be.
Clicks & conversions (in pending status) WEF 1 April 2023 have already been imported to the new platform.

4. LOGIN TO NEW PLATFORM: Please go to https://network.vcommission.com & click “forgot password” to generate a password and login.

5. UPDATE CONTACT INFO: Please ensure your profile is up to date with current contact info. Check name on account, address, phone number & IM info so that we can stay in touch with you.

6. UPDATE PROMOTIONAL INFO: Please update “Primary” Promotion Method in your account.
One affiliate ID will be associated with only one “Primary” promotional method only.
If you have more than one promotional method, please get in touch with your account manager to create an affiliate ID for each promotional method.

7. UPDATE PROFILE CURRENCY & BANK INFO: Please update your profile currency, it is set to INR by default. Also add your bank/payment info – explained in the video.
Please note once an affiliate ID is associated with a payee name, it cannot be changed in future.

8. CHANGE TRACKING LINKS: Go to campaigns in the new platform & pick new tracking link for each offer & replace on your website.
Tracking links from old platform will stop working on 30 June 2023 (midnight).

9. POSTBACK / API INTEGRATIONS: Postback/pixels from old platform have been imported to the new one.
Please note, in the new platform, postbacks will fire on each conversions created as “pending”. However you can change it to fire on “approved” status, if you prefer.

For API integrations, please get in touch with your account manager.