Case Study: Hostinger Generates 1.5 ROAS Sales Growth working with vCommission


Scaling a campaign in the affiliate marketing industry is paramount for maximising publisher and advertiser success.

As a campaign grows, it reaches broader audiences and, therefore, increases the potential for conversions and revenue – both for the advertiser and the publishers they work with too.

Scaling campaigns to other geographic locations allows advertisers to reach untapped markets, diversify sales strategies, and leverage data insights for further sales optimization. By doing this, advertisers can establish a stronger brand presence, reach new customers, and harness economies of scale working with a wide variety of publisher types to bring new customers onboard.

Moreover, scaling affiliate campaigns enables advertisers to potentially unlock new markets leading to new, sustainable, revenue streams over the long term which has positive effects on continuous growth across the brand and provides local adaptability to the nuances of consumer market changes.

Hostinger was one such advertiser who took advantage of vCommission’s global footprint and vast publisher network to help scale its offer to a diverse range of audiences.

This case study highlights how vCommission’s publisher team worked together with Hostinger to increase sales dramatically as well as improve Hostinger’s brand reach globally by bringing on new publishers to increase customer sales.

About Hostinger

Hostinger is a leading web hosting provider known for its affordability, reliability, and user-friendly services. The company offers a range of hosting solutions, including shared, cloud, and VPS hosting, catering to diverse user needs. With an open commitment to affordability without compromising quality, Hostinger offers an excellent choice for individuals and businesses looking for reliable and cost-effective web hosting solutions.

The Goal

Hostinger approached vCommission in early 2019 with a desire to expand their affiliate program reach and target alternative geographies to increase their product sales. They already had an affiliate program running in house but wanted to take a multi network approach to expand their program reach and gain access to localised markets.

After understanding the depth and variety of publishers that they could access via vCommissions global network and having an experienced team of publisher support agents to help them identify their goals, Hostinger was onboarded to the vCommission network to scale their campaign growth through a variety of different publisher partnerships.

The Strategy

vCommission’s main strategy was to introduce a variety of partners that hadn’t yet been explored within the main affiliate program which was predominantly working with traditional affiliate partnerships. Our first approach was to review the segmentation of partners both up and down the buyer awareness funnel and introduce top performing cash-back affiliates into the program to market Hostinger’s product to their customer networks.

This was the first time that Hostinger had worked with cash-back affiliates and they found that the strategy had a number of benefits both for a brand and sales targeting perspective.

Cashback affiliates attract a highly motivated audience who are actively seeking savings, leading to increased conversion rates. This approach helped to increase partnerships and foster brand loyalty, as users are incentivised to return to the affiliate for future purchases. As such, Hostinger was able to reach a large number of users in a short space of time.

Moreover, because customers don’t get their cash back until they pass their trial period, working with these cash-back affiliates improved Hostinger’s customer acquisition and retention rates.

The Results

With a transparent and measurable impact on the bottom line, working with various mainstream cashback affiliates that were pre vetted and onboarded to promote specialist promotions, not only enhanced sales for Hostinger but also established a mutually beneficial relationship with an engaged and cost-conscious consumer base.

This strategy generated between 300-400 sales consistently every month while the promotion ran, delivering a 1.5 ROAS, which more than exceeded Hostinger’s original sales growth targets.

vCommission has been an incredible ally for our business,” said Aditya Remy Shah, Partnerships Manager, Hostinger.

Their unwavering support and collaborative approach have been instrumental in our success. The synergy between our brands has opened new avenues, and I couldn’t be more excited about the future. Thank you, for a fantastic partnership!


Hostinger’s partnership with vCommission network displays how a multi-network approach can help deliver incremental sales when two strong brands come together with a shared objective.

vCommission was able to use its global network of publishers to find the right partners for Hostinger to engage with and then worked with them directly to ensure the regular acquisition of new customers in core regions over an extended time frame.

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