Case Study: Chemicloud Increases Sales with vCommission


Generating maximum ROI from a finite digital marketing budget means businesses are constantly seeking new strategies to amplify their online presence and drive new sales growth.

Affiliate marketing – pays on performance after the customer’s sale has been completed. Therefore working with a variety of affiliates in this manner enables companies to leverage their budgets further to enhance brand awareness which ultimately then increases sales. vCommission connects over 100,000 affiliates to an array of global advertisers facilitating mutually beneficial partnerships that drive measurable results around the globe.

About Chemicloud

Chemicloud is a rapidly growing e-commerce company that has made its mark offering web hosting to webmasters who need to find an affordable, quality place for their websites to call home.

Founded in 2016, the company specialises in offering high-quality hosting packages for websites whether people are looking for Shared, VPS, Reseller, or Managed WordPress plans.

With a commitment to reliability and affordability, and a 98% Customer Satisfaction score, Chemicloud has quickly established itself as a trusted source for customers building and hosting websites worldwide.

The Goal

Despite its initial success, Chemicloud recognised the need to expand its reach and tap into new customer segments to sustain its growth objectives. The client contacted our affiliate team to discuss how vCommission could help increase their global reach via our expansive range of affiliate content bloggers.

The client was seeking incremental growth by getting their brand placed out on content blogging sites as an extension of their SEO strategy and to improve brand reach in SERPs.

To achieve this, the company sought to leverage the potential of affiliate marketing, aiming to increase its referral campaign growth and drive increased sales through strategic partnerships with influential affiliates.

The Strategy

Chemicloud turned to vCommission, recognising our expertise in facilitating successful collaborations between advertisers and affiliates at a global level.

The strategy involved introducing carefully selected inventory from a variety of vetted Bloggers to Chemicloud’s products to capitalise on both the scale and reach of the blogging platform to a variety of niche audiences.

By carefully curating a selection of relevant affiliate bloggers who were expertly matched to Chemicloud’s product offering with established followings in the technical, web-hosting, and industrial sectors, vCommission enabled Chemicloud to reach highly targeted audiences.

These bloggers, with their subject matter expertise and loyal readerships, provided a platform for Chemicloud to showcase its products and establish credibility within their niche respective communities.

The Result

The collaboration between Chemicloud and vCommission’s Blogger inventory proved to be a resounding success. By leveraging the influence and credibility of these niche bloggers, Chemicloud experienced a significant boost in campaign growth and sales.

The results were remarkable, with Chemicloud achieving between 40 and 50 sales on average every month directly attributed to the affiliate partnerships leading our affiliate team to achieve one of their highest commission tiers offered in their affiliate program.

This consistent influx of sales not only contributed to the company’s revenue growth but also expanded its customer base, fostering brand awareness and loyalty among new audiences.


The strategic partnership between Chemicloud and vCommission is a perfect example of the power of affiliate marketing when executed with precision and targeted thinking. By tapping into the influential reach of Blogger, Chemicloud unlocked a new channel for growth, driving sales and expanding its customer base.

Indeed, the fifth tier of the program’s rewarding commission structure was hit for the first time.

Reflecting on the successful collaboration, John McMullin, BDM from Chemicloud shared the following details of the partnership: “I have spent the past year nurturing our business relationship with vCommission, who helps us promote. I’ve always found the team at vCommission very easy to talk to and coordinate with. Their efforts to meet our needs and goals show their willingness to cooperate toward our mutual benefit.”

This resounding endorsement underscores the commitment and professionalism of vCommission and our belief in truth and transparency with all of our advertisers. When we work with shared goals we can achieve tangible results for both advertisers and affiliates alike.

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